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we are

S7 Corporation
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With our team of professionals, extensive experience, accurate market research and by studying the weakness of existing competitors, we are fulfilling our primary goal to provide excellent service while maintaining high standards of ethics and loyalty, which allows us to make long-term relationships with our customers. We continuously measure our performance with customers` loyalty.
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EventS7.com is the company combining decorations (indoor and outdoor Christmas decoration), party decoration, teambuilding, parties, birthdays, anniversaries etc.


the division which makes Events and Team buildings was started


inspired by Love, WeddingS7.com appeared


MedicjobS7.com was established, recruiting medical staff- doctors and nurses


TopjobS7.com came in, the company recruits people from Eastern EU countries


Slava7.bg was established – the division recruiting any kind of personnel (engineers, ITs, cooks etc.) from Bulgaria, Romania and EU citizens from Macedonia.



The sector, which deals with human resources is composed of three divisions- Slava7.bg , which makes recruitment in Bulgaria Romania and EU citizens from Macedonia ; Topjobs7.com , carrying out recruitment from countries like Croatia, Greece, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Medicjobs7.com, recruiting medical staff from Eastern EU countries for UK, Scandinavia, EU and the Middle East.


EventS7.com includes 2 sectors- S7 Wedding Agency - dealing with weddings and S7 Event, dealing with organization of birthdays, conferences, team building, corporate parties, making outdoor and indoor Christmas decoration.

S7 Wedding Agency organizes weddings in Bulgaria and Germany, England, Cyprus and Greece.
Our young and creative team gives a new meaning to the words "wedding agency."

S7 Event can make your party unforgettable and your business events can be conducted accurately.
Also the Christmas /Party decoration will leave your guests breathless.


S7 Trading is a division dealing with trade.

Why Bulgaria? - Because Bulgaria is the country in the EU with the lowest taxes. Where goods from third countries (coffee - from Brazil; goods - from the US and China) arrive in Bulgaria and be given customs clearance, they become intra goods, transported and distributed freely in the EU.

Our consultants will get to know you and your business whether you offer jobs in health and social care, jobs in education, jobs in hospitality- hotels and restaurants, jobs in IT, jobs in finance, jobs in construction, jobs in logistic and transport, any sector we can recruit the best applicants for the position.
S7 Event team can organize your party in the best way. Let us be a part of your wedding, birthday, Christmas party etc.
Why Bulgaria? – because Bulgaria is a country in the EU with the lowest taxes.
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